Music Lessons in Maple & Vaughan and surrounding areas

All Stars Music School offers INDIVIDUAL LESSONS and programs in many popular disciplines including piano & keyboard, guitar, flute, saxophone, violin, voice, music theory, harmony in  Maple and Vaughan and surrounding areas. 

provide one-on-one attention, so that instructors could focus on an individual student’s needs and interests.


Lessons are offered in 30, 45 and 60 min, and are geared towards all levels, styles and ages. 

High quality music lessons are developed and tailored to individual student’s ability and goals.
Instructions are provided by highly qualified teachers with over 15 years of professional experience.
All our teachers are members of the Royal Conservatory of Music.





voice VOICE


harmony HARMONY

art ART


Piano students of all ages and levels can improve their skills in our school. Our programs cover the basics of music reading, theory and techniques with repertoire ranging from classical music to various musical genres (jazz, pop, folk, etc.).
Students will learn solo piano, accompaniment and ensemble keyboard playing. Students will have the opportunity to play in recitals.

Children can start piano lessons from the age of 5. Parents can be present at their children’s lessons if they wish.
We prepare our advanced piano students for RCM exams from level 1 to ARCT. (sight reading, music theory, improvisation, listening skills)




All Star Music School offers guitar lessons for all styles and levels. Our professional and experienced teachers can help you, whether your interest is in Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical, Metal, Country, Folk or any other style.
Even if you have been playing for years and wish to improve in certain area, out instructors can help to fine-tune your skills.

* Typically students start guitar lessons at the age of 8, due to their hand size, but some of younger students can start practicing with a junior sized guitar.




Our school offers instruction on saxophone and flute for all ages and levels. Our teachers work with students on basic music skills: music reading, technique and theory. Lesson material can include classical, pop and jazz music. Students can get help with their school band repertoire and will also have the opportunity to play on band workshops as well as recitals.






Students of all ages are welcome.
We highly encourage a parent to be present at the lesson with a younger student to be able to help him or her with aspects such as posture and hand position at home. 




If you have always wanted to sing, All Stars Music Schools can teach you healthy vocal techniques for developing your voice to its highest potential. You will be taught breath control and voice placement, tone, phrasing and pitch in addition to basic music theory. Our lessons will also help students build confidence and pick out audition material while having fun.



The study of music theory plays an essential role in developing musicianship and performer skills.
Highly qualified teachers prepare students for the Royal Conservatory exams in:

  • Preliminary rudiments
  • Rudiment Level 1
  • Rudiment Level 2



Keyboard harmony is fundamental discipline that will result in the development of the students ability to hear in the mind the notation they see on the page.

The melodic lines must be sing so that students may gain an inner understanding of the natural flow of melody. Access to a library of music will enable students to study music and to realize that the music of the composers is the real text from which they can learn.

The harmonic vocabulary will introduce the tendencies of music structure in a logical order, using melodic lines and examples from a wide variety of composers, styles and media. 




Students will learn drawing and painting fundamentals and techniques including line drawing, value shape, pattern texture, shading, highlighting, colour perspective, collage and sculpturing. Students will use pencils, pens, ink, watercolor and acrylic paints, scratchboards and pastel.
Small classes allow individual attention and guidance for students of all ages and levels.