Music Lessons in Vaughan and surrounding areas


No registration fee required by All Stars Music School of Maple, Vaughan and surrounding areas.

Tuition for one month (determined by the number of lessons in that month multiplied by the tuition per lesson) is due at the last lesson of the month for the next month in full. 

After the eighth day of each month, the student will be charged a $10 late fee.

Security deposit in the amount of $25 is required for each new student. 

Payments made after the month will result in a $25 late fee charge per month.

A fee of $10 will also be charged for returned or bounced checks.



Students must notify their teachers or the school at least 24 hours before a missed lesson in order to be granted a make-up lesson. Students will be given a maximum of 3 make up lessons per year that will be made up depending on the teacher's schedule.
There will be no make-up lessons for last minute cancellations.
In the case that a teacher cancels a lesson, make-ups will be provided at a mutually agreed upon time by the student and teacher.



If a lesson falls during the week of a school break (Thanksgiving, Winter break, Spring break), students must reschedule his/her lesson in advance.



Student must be on time for his/her lesson. Lost time due to a student's late arrival will not be made up. All Stars Music School is not responsible for students whose parents fail to pick them up after more than ten minutes following the conclusion of their lessons.


Visitors: All visits other than your scheduled lesson (including first time visits and new applicants) - by appointment only.



Student who wish to discontinue lessons must notify the school no less than one month in advance. Failure to give notice will result in full payment of monthly tuition.





Parents, legal guardians of minor students and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on music school property, resulting from normal activity or any other activity conducted by the students before, during or after class time.




No food or drinks are allowed inside the music rooms of All Stars Music School except water.




There will be two recitals during the school year. The recital fee is not included in tuition. A letter which provides information regarding these recitals will be given in advance.

Winter Recital: December
Summer Recital: June

* The student or a parent/guardian (if student is under 21) must sign the policy agreement before enrollment at All Stars Music School